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With so much change in the care and support sectors, we understand it can be difficult to stay up-to-date and ahead of the pack. Our team is on the case! On this page, find insights about business, aged care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, from experts that will help you manage and optimise your business and your career in care!

Compliance in NDIS service provision

We look at some of the top compliance challenges for service providers facilitating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
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New government technology on the horizon for the NDIS

Creating new tech for vulnerable people is a privilege -- is the Gov living up to its duty of care with the new NDIS tech it is introducing?
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Building job security into your organisation to create service continuity

Disability workers report one of their key concerns is job security, so how can we address casualisation in the NDIS?
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Getting the most out of your superannuation

One in five disability workers worries about superannuation. Here's how you can make your super work harder for you.
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Having the pay rise conversation

Asking for more money or better conditions can often feel awkward and uncomfortable – but overcoming those challenges can really be worth it!
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Working in the NDIS - Visicase

Working in the NDIS: how do we overcome frontline challenges?

In this brief report, we look past the organisations, to those people who are working in the NDIS, and how they are fairing under the scheme.
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NDIS delivery_VisiCase

Using technology to overcome NDIS delivery challenges

In this article, we explore how NDIS providers can use technology to overcome NDIS delivery challenges.
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Mental health first aid

The value of mental health first aid

Frontline care workers are crying out for more training in mental health first aid. But why exactly is a mental health first aid officer so important? Read on to find out how they can build your bottom line.
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workplace culture

Workplace culture and employee retention in the disability sector

With more permanent positions not improving retention in the NDIS, workplace culture may be a factor. So, how can you improve your culture?
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