Quarantine Monitoring System

Enabling non-invasive quarantine monitoring, QMS is the missing link in the battle against Covid and other viruses.

The next step in fighting the virus

QMS is the next step in beating Covid-19 and viruses like it.

Designed to strengthen the existing three step virus eradication process, QMS is activated after testing, tracking and isolation, to ensure those who must remain in quarantine to protect themselves and others, are exactly where they should be, every minute of the day.

Quarantine Monitoring System_Visicase
A digital solution for a global crisis

The quarantine app starts and stops automatically, with nothing to do user-side.

It is immediately available for whole populations and entire quarantine bases around the globe.

QMS is cost effective and delivered quickly. With no app needed, heavy testing processes are removed.

The system is SMS and web-based, making it compatible with the majority of phones.

No user download required and no invasive apps, mean minimised user privacy concerns.

How QMS works
How it works QMS
What makes QMs unique?
  • Large-scale, reliable and extremely cost-effective

  • Patent Pending on the QMS solution


  • Artificial Intelligence-driven, automatically adapting fraud prevention measures
  • 3 weeks to set up and activate for rollout

  • May be interfaced with existing contact tracing apps


  • Delivers instant insights on global quarantine and health status

  • Cloud based or ‘on premise’ solution

  • Limited personal information (phone number and quarantine location)

  • Can monitor home detention, prevent social fraud, and locate missing people
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