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Our Solutions

Introducing VisiCase Care, our flexible, flagship solution for service providers across disability and aged care, employment and mental health.

Our Services

Our Solutions Come From Experts Who Care

Visicase Care has been carefully crafted through collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders and experts. Built on a powerful workflow engine, it enables automation of key business processes, covering all facets of service delivery and management. It is a comprehensive, NDIS-ready solution designed to improve productivity and empower businesses to excel in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Disability Care

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Aged Care

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Employment Services

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We offer comprehensive design, with flexible application

We understand one of your main challenges, every single day, is managing the juggling act that is the many different facets of your organisation’s service delivery. NDIS-ready software, VisiCase Care, is a business automation platform that offers a variety of modules to help you automate, manage and oversee every component of your business, so you never drop a ball.

VisiCase Care is our NDIS-ready software solution. It has pre-configured catalogues, budget and funds tracking, and supports the delivery of individualised services to clients.

Transition from a traditional care model, to Person Centred Care Delivery, with a transaction-based solution that helps you prepare goal-focused plans and measure progress.

Our funds tracking module integrates with Finance and Payroll, streamlining services by enabling you to generate quotes, plan clients’ budgets, prepare costed rosters and control costs.

VisiCase Care has built-in reporting for data exchange for statutory requirements. Produced at any time, or triggered for automatic data exchange, reports include MDS, DSMDS, HACC, DSS, NDIS bulk Claim and Medicare Bulk Claim.

Enabling consistent and accurate award interpretation, VisiCase Care empowers organisations to deliver the best standard of conditions for their own employees.

VisiCase Is Built For Your Business

  • Easy to use with minimal training required
  • Single data entry reduces admin time
  • Seamless handling of care variations and complexities
  • Full visibility of all client information
  • Tracking of client progress
  • Notifications and escalations to facilitate deadline management
What this means for your business

VisiCase Care is on the cloud!

Visicase Care is Cloud Based

VisiCase Care is cloud-based and accessible online at any time 24/7 from any location, using any device.

No customer-side infrastructure

With a web-based front-end and no additional customer-side infrastructure required, the platform can be accessed via the web.

Really Easy To Use

We've made the VisiCase Care cloud application really easy to use, so training requirements are minimal.

Security and Permissions

An integrated security and access layer is applied at each application level, enabling users with different permissions to view functions and data simultaneously, remotely and in real-time, via a single portal.

User Friendly Mobile Solution

Empower your workers with extremely user friendly Mobile Solution! Participant's records can be updated from any location at any time.

Predictive Rostering

Visicase has embedded rostering capabilities that will help you manage your workforce. Staff allocation is performed based on best match criteria, such as skills, availability, preferences and exclusions. Fast and Easy!

Support At All Levels

We pride ourselves on the fact our software solution isn’t just for managers, it streamlines and simplifies workflows at all levels of the business, and that even includes your clients!

Empower managers to make strategic decisions with configurable dashboards used to monitor team performance and organisational trends, statistics and KPIs. Use pre-configured industry-standard workflows to implement best practice, manage and monitor tasks. Use the rostering engine to match resources based on skills, availability and client preference.

Equip supervisors and team leaders every day with modules that enable individual, outcome-focused client service plans; real-time mobile collaboration with support workers; monitoring and coordination of service delivery; budget forecasting and management and team task management.

Simplify and support the role of field employees with a user-friendly, mobile platform that requires little or no training. Empower support workers to update records from the field, access client information, see and accept jobs and rosters, enter case notes, adjust provided service units, enter timesheet information.

VisiCase Care helps you show clients how important they are to you, through transparency and engagement. Using the client portal, clients can see and comment on their plan, express needs and wishes and view their budget.

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

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