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Who we are

Meet our friendly team: passionate experts, who aim to deliver the best NDIS software and are genuinely invested in the future of your business.

Our business is built on passion,
insight and expertise

Twenty years ago, driven by a keen interest in case management methodology, our CEO, Adrian Iordachescu set out on a mission to transform his fledgling financial systems service. 

With a vision for the future, Adrian drew on his passion, to lead a team of forward-thinking experts in evolving an innovative case management framework. Supported by a powerful workflow engine, it would truly enable organisations in the care sector to embrace change and future-proof their businesses.

Two decades later, and Adrian’s vision has been firmly established, successfully providing support to the care sector for many years. Flagship product, VisiCase Care, is a comprehensive solution, perfectly positioned to provide the support required by organisations navigating the challenging transformation of the disability and aged care sectors.

Focused on streamlining operations, VisiCase Care introduces a new level of productivity and efficiency, that empowers organisations to thrive in an increasingly commercial and competitive landscape.

From finance to an aim to deliver the best NDIS software in Australia, VisiCase is dedicated to our customers’ success. 

We are guided by our values


Our work will be driven by collaboration and consultation.


We will be honest with ourselves and others - ALWAYS.


When we commit to something, we will aim to deliver as promised.


We will take responsibility for all our promises.


We will strive to ensure customers always want to work with us.


We will aim to deliver excellence in everything we do.

How We Work

When we first meet clients, we work closely together to define their situation, requirements, timeframes and any unique factors.
Using the information we’ve gained, we start an investigative process designed to help us completely understand the needs of the client.
We propose either an ‘out of the box’ or customised version of our VisiCase Care solution.
We customise as required, integrate with existing systems, provide guidance on adapting and introducing business processes, and lead training.
Having our solution in place isn’t the end of our service. Our after-care service is built on the concept of long and genuine, consultative and supportive relationships with clients.

Ready to get the best solution for your organisation?