Why VisiCase

Are you currently shopping around? Finding a Care Management System (CMS) to give your business what it needs now while anticipating what you need in the future can be difficult.

As an Australian software company, we’ve made it our business to specialise in NDIS and Aged Care services – from the perspective of a provider delivering best-practice services every time. By
understanding the challenges you face every single day, we’ve created an environment that helps you do things better and thrive as a business..

VisiCase Leads the Industry in 3 Critical Areas

When we first meet clients, we work closely together to define their situation, requirements, timeframes and any unique factors.
Using the information we’ve gained, we start an investigative process designed to help us completely understand the needs of the client.
We propose either an ‘out of the box’ or customised version of our VisiCase Care solution.
We customise as required, integrate with existing systems, provide guidance on adapting and introducing business processes, and lead training.
Having our solution in place isn’t the end of our service. Our after-care service is built on the concept of long and genuine consultative and supportive relationships with clients.

VisiCase VS Other Systems

VisiCase is one of the few systems in Australia that understands these regulatory environments and supports best practice processes through a structured and automated workflow. We also partner with other companies to bring other specialty services to your doorstep.




Enquiries /quotes




Plans, goals and services


Service delivery/ case notes




Reporting and analytics

Other Companies

Workforce Management
Worker App
Document Management

VisiCase Features


Our built-in rostering system helps your business seamlessly manage the tedious task of rostering with a dynamic workforce. Easily allocate shifts with our Rostering Optimiser to help you quickly assign shifts based on key criteria such as location, availability, expertise and client preferences.

Worker App

We provide a mobile one-stop-shop for your workforce with a modern web-based Application (App). The VisiCase App allows workers to access their roster, client details, client medication, timesheet history, work certifications, apply for leave and even raise incidents. Cool huh?

With the added benefit of Voice-to-Text, workers can easily record case notes to improve the ease and quality of capturing information from a shift.
We also allow workers to clock in/out of a shift as well as record their location through GPS Tracking (live). Both are communicated directly to a supervisor’s safety dashboard, even showing alerts when things haven’t gone to plan.

Client Portal

We think it’s important to give your clients access to key information about the services they’re receiving from you. They can update their ‘about me’ details to show case-relevant information before starting a shift, provide feedback and request changes. This can also be extended to authorised family and/or guardians.

Business Analytics

Businesses are collecting more and more data these days across multiple systems. It’s harder to find the important pieces in the ‘data fog’ to help you gain valuable insights and make actual use of it.
Business Analytics makes it possible for you to dig deeper into your data to make better decisions now and in the future.

Benefits of Business Analytics

Breakdown client demographics and profit margins at a granular level

Reduce incidents by reporting on frequency and severity

Understand demand to help you plan your recruitment

Resource staff adequately with an unfilled shift demand map

Location Mapping

VisiCase has an AR Locator to show supervisors the location of front-line staff, with markers to indicate people and places. You’ll be able to track your workforce and clients even outside of mobile range!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to see these features in a live system demonstration?