Key changes in the NDIS Price Guide 2024-2025

The NDIS price guide for 2024 includes several important changes and updates aimed at enhancing service delivery and support for participants. 

  1. Group and Centre-Based Pricing: Starting January 1, 2024, the transitional period for group and centre-based pricing has ended, shifting to a more transparent pricing model. The ratio-based support items have been removed and placed in the Legacy tab of the NDIS Support Catalogue​. 
  1. Removal of TTP Supports: Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) line items will no longer be used after July 1, 2024. Providers are advised to deactivate TTP in their system preferences to avoid errors and unpaid invoices​. 
  1. Price Cap Increases: The price caps for core supports, including psychology, nursing, and behaviour support services, have increased by 3.9% to align with the ABS Wage Price Index​. 
  1. Short Notice Cancellation Policy: The terms for short notice cancellations have been revised. For services not under the Disability Support Worker (DSW) Cost Model, cancellations can now only be charged if they occur within two clear business days. For DSW Cost Model-based services, the cancellation period remains seven days​. 
  1. Plan Indexation: As usual, all plans will be indexed to reflect the new price caps, ensuring participants’ plans increase in line with the updated price limits​. 
  1. Enhanced Flexibility and Transparency: The new pricing structure aims to provide greater flexibility for participants in choosing their support options, and offers a clearer breakdown of funding allocations​. 

These changes are part of ongoing efforts to refine and improve the NDIS framework, ensuring the needs of individuals with disabilities are more accurately met, while supporting fair and competitive remuneration for support workers. For detailed information, you can refer to the official NDIS page

Implementation Steps – How this works with VisiCase 

  1. System Updates
  • Update Pricing Structures & De-activate TTP: With so many day-to-day operational challenges that need addressing, VisiCase aims to ease service provider’s workloads by ensuring price changes are automatically updated, so that all billing and payroll transactions are up-to-date for our clients.
  1. Client Communication
  • Inform Clients and Staff: Communicate changes to clients and support workers, explaining the new pricing and cancellation policies. 
  • Training: Offer training sessions for staff in order to familiarise them with the new guidelines and system updates. 
  1. Monitoring and Support
  • Monitor Billing and Payroll: Keep a close eye on billing and payroll processes during the transition period to detect and correct any issues promptly. 
  • Offer Support: Clients and staff can get in touch with us during the transition period with any questions or concerns they may have by emailing or calling our support helpline.
  1. Documentation
  • Update Contracts and Agreements: Ensure all contracts, service agreements, and relevant documentation reflect the new pricing and policies. 
  • Clear Instructions: Provide clear instructions for staff on handling the updated processes, especially for billing and payroll. 

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