Looking to replace Telstra TCM? VisiCase is your answer to a smooth transition

Telstra Health’s decision to discontinue support for various software products is having a significant impact among Australian aged care providers, forcing them to have to quickly seek an alternative solution to find a replacement to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of services to their customers.

With Community Connect being the first to be discontinued in September 2023, Home Care Manager (HCM), ComCare and The Care Manager (TCM) are next in line, with the cut-off dates for support fast approaching in March 2024.

The journey of switching over to a new Care Management System (CMS) will involve numerous steps, from configuring the software in order to meet the provider’s business requirements, to migrating data and training staff on the use of the new system.

This is where VisiCase can help.  Our implementation team will help configure our CMS solution to your specific business requirements, as well as provide training to help your staff be ready to use the new software proficiently before the go live date.

We will ensure that your organisation experiences a seamless transition, with the added benefits of improving on your management capabilities and improving client outcomes.

After the migration, we will continue to provide you with the support needed to manage day-to-day operations, as well as giving you the framework to continue growing your business.

Why Visicase?

What distinguishes VisiCase from the rest are 6 fundamental pillars:

Single end-to-end solution

VisiCase is not just any software; it is purpose-built to cater to care providers seeking to deliver the best outcomes to their clients across all care sectors. We cater to the specific needs of the Community Sector, including Home Care, Residential Care, Supported Independent Living (SIL), Disability, Supported Employment, Allied Health, Mental Health and more. VisiCase CMS is unique in that it commenced with a specially-designed framework that delivers flexibility, empowers care providers to efficiently provide services to clients, and maintains compliance with all associated funding and legislative bodies and their rules.  This flexibility, scalability and future proofing capability has been pivotal in the successful journey of VisiCase, its customers and their customers.

AI-driven knowledge & skill based rostering

VisiCase CMS is unique in that it is customer-centric, using the client’s information (which contains the valuable knowledge to understand their specific needs) with care worker skills. The end result guarantees that the right people are allocated to deliver the best services and outcomes for the clients. Our costed optimised roster will also help organisations remain profitable by using real-time award interpretation to avoid overtime and overpaying resources.

Automation & Integration

Our CMS solution is built (and constantly evolving) with a focus on delivering greater automation to ensure management by exception, and reduce manual processes and errors overall, while increasing efficiency and outcomes. We provide integration with 3rd party solutions such as HR, Payroll & Finance software.


Our world class, highly-structured implementation process ensures a smooth transition for our customers with minimal disruption. This enables our clients to benefit from proper and full training and best business practice knowledge, ongoing support, and help setting up automation and integrations into 3rd party solutions. Our customers gain a speedy ROI with VisiCase CMS through the efficiencies our software delivers almost immediately.

Flexible best-practice configurations

Recognizing that each customer has unique requirements, VisiCase has been intentionally designed to be highly scalable, flexible, and configurable. Best practice workflows and configurations give our customers the flexibility to tailor the software to their specific needs, and this flexibility will extend into the future as your business grows.

Comprehensive Functionality

VisiCase provides comprehensive functionality with features including:

  • Role-based operational dashboards and alerts
  • Real-time visibility of KPI’s
  • Business Analytics
  • A wealth of reports and information insights
  • Audit-ready compliance, Funding rules compliance and legislative compliance
  • Client portal
  • Care worker mobile app
  • Agency brokerage capability

All of this results in a complete customer-centric focus to deliver increased efficiency, productivity, and reduced costs for the care provider organisation and care workers, while delivering better outcomes and visibility to all.

VisiCase is continually improving and evolving the CMS using the latest technologies (AI, search engines, Telehealth and more) that will deliver greater value for all.

With the discontinuation of Telstra Home Care and the ongoing changes within the industry, leading to an urgency for  providers to find an alternative solutions, we suggest that you consider VisiCase to minimise your organisation’s risk and ensure your business is future-proof.

Make an appointment today to speak with one of our experts and seek a demonstration to be enlightened as to how you can achieve a smooth transition with VisiCase.

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