AR Locator: reach vulnerable people and locate team mates quickly
Fast and reliable locator

With AR Locator, you are never alone in critical situations.

Developed to help users locate team mates or points of interest with just a few taps, our AR Locator supports the aged and disability care sectors, by enabling care workers to reach vulnerable people quickly and efficiently.

Features of the AR Locator

Locate colleagues or vulnerable persons

Display status information such as contacted, not contacted and more

Work outside mobile coverage

How our AR Locator works

Our AR Locator uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to superimpose markers on the visual field displayed by your device.

To use it, the phone is pointed in a direction, the app is activated and the screen displays a map of the location in front of the user, with markers to indicate the people or places the user is seeking.

AR enables a much faster close distance location than other mapping technology.

AR Locator
The Next-Gen AR Locator

Augmented Reality is technology that can benefit many fields, from medicine, to engineering and travel. As we advance our AR Locator, users can look forward to new opportunities to use it in different ways.

Select and locate approach

Ability to synchronise over eligible radio networks

Support for specialised hardware

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